The Christian in their last holiness, wishing a peace to the world

Ezidi 24- Jameel Al-Jameel
Translation- Runak Ibrahim

The last holiness was held by the churches of Al-Hamdanya on Sunday morning, March 15, 2020, where the district administration of Al-Hamdaniya excluded Christians from the curfew imposed by Ninawa governorate, and today, Al-Hamdanya district administrator with the “Crisis Cell” allowed Christians to do their morning holiness, for all Christian citizens. The patrons have started prayers as usual then, reading the Gospel, which talks about fasting, specifically, after turning their third Sunday fasting.

The aim of diocese message is included Syrian, Catholics, Orthodox and Chaldeans.

To the priests’ parents and our faithful generations in three parishes of Mosul:
Syrian Catholic, Orthodox and, Chaldean Dioceses.

Agreeing with awareness government As well as, avoiding and protecting ourselves of spreading coronavirus.
We decided to:
Holding all saints on doing their religious duties during the whole week with all prayers and activities including, , including obligatory prayers, rosary prayers and cross-road sports, starting from Sunday a, 15 to 28 March. We recommend that you keep following these prays through the ether through The Voice of Peace radio or Facebook.
Secondly, in case of one’s death , .the Pray activities will be held in the small cemetery church, it is recommended that the all activates should be done just by the dead’s family and their relatives .As well as the condolence in church halls, also avoiding shaking hands and kissing.
Thirdly, we demand sanitation to those who are in charge of church and public regions. We confirm that cleanliness is significant.
Fourthly, all should be abided by the obligations that issued by world hygiene staff concerning safety.
It is a temporary issue that will be ended soon.
Prelates of Mosul.

Many people still do not know the danger of this virus and how it spreads, since these special awareness campaigns many citizens still do not care about these instructions.

Christians are divided between opponents and supporters of the decision to close churches and abolish the saints, and in this respect citizens of Yazidi 24 confirmed that these measures are correct and sound to face and prevent the virus and reduce its risk in the judiciary and the province in general ,and the opposition side said that the closure of churches make us
away from God and away from the spirituality of the Church because the Church must not be closed and that religious rituals are the basis of Christianity.

The Corona virus has swept through many countries due to the rapid spread of infection among the infected and the situation of large countries in the world has deteriorated due to the situation.

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