Corona’s danger haunts the Yazidi refugees in Greece

Ezidi 24 – Dyab Ghanem
Translation – Tahseen Alhaskany


The emerging Coronavirus instills fear among human beings because of its risks upon them. this virus targets hundreds of thousands of people around the world including the various developed countries.

After the inability of developed countries such as Italy, China, Germany, etc. to find a vaccine that helps to kill the virus, this point constituted a fear among the Yazidis who live in IDPs and refugees’ camps.

Amid this fear, the Yazidis in the refugee camps in Greece who’s number more than 1300 refugees residing in two camps in the Greek city of Circe, they take caution amid the fear that has surrounded their hearts.

The Yazidi refugee “Sarhad Khairo” spoke to “ Ezidi 24” and said, “Corona’s pandemic that the entire world has not been able to face, we are not able to face it. The service reality here in our camps is not good enough, but more importantly is to resort to prevention because the camps constitute a focal point and It is an easy prey for this fierce enemy.

“Youth groups have been established to supervise the actions taken by the Greek government and they are watching the camps all the time, and this is a good job, and allocate a place to isolate the infected persons, if any” He added.

“European cities were not as high level as they were required to face Coronavirus, how could the camps face it? Here, every Yazidi refugee must be careful to avoid being infected with this virus, and if it spreads, it will really bring us a disaster because we are close to each other and that will facilitate the spreading process”, He said.

A statement was issued by the Immigration and Asylum Greek Minister Notis Mitarachi, briefed by “Ezidi24”, included reduce roaming and movement inside and outside the camps for refugees living in Greece in general.

The statement reiterated that the movement of refugees to nearby authentic communities will be limited and will be made available in small groups to do so, and the Ministry has determined the time that refugees can move from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The statement indicated that, “the police will organize the means of transportation for these small groups of refugees who can go outside the camp in emergency situations, and if needed there will be a delivery service to the camps.”

Medical teams have been deployed in refugee camps and the locations to isolate infected people have been determined as well, these teams will serve the refugees as far as possible.

Many organizations and official authorities in Europe warned against the spread of Coronavirus in the refugee camps in Greece and hinted that in case of its spread there will be disasters

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