Health staff in Shingal district are continuing to protect the citizens and prevent Coronavirus, amid the poor services in there

Ezidi24-Tahseen Shex Kalo
Translation-Hanan Shivan

Corona virus, or what known as ( COVID 19) is an infectious disease, it was first discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019, after that it was spread to most of the world countries including Iraq.

To control it and prevent its spread in Iraq, The government, Ministry of Health, apparatuses and the concerned departments quickly involved in forming a central crisis cell, It took a number of measures and procedures that contribute to its prevention, in turn, the Commissioner of Shingal district in cooperation with the health and security services in the district formed a crisis cell, where it imposed a curfew in the district, the hospitals and health departments also sterilized the complexes and departments ,and the health staff carried out awareness campaigns for citizens in the district.

In this regard, “Barakat Hajo, the director of health centers division in Shingal sector, spoke to” Ezidi 24 “and said: “A crisis cell was formed in Shingal consist of army officers, police and health staff , with direct supervision from the Commissioner of the district, to control the situations and prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Shingal borders, work is continuing to follow up cases that are suspected of being infected with the virus, through health procedures and send them to Mosul hospitals that are designated for isolation and quarantine”.

“Hajo” indicated that “the presence of the health staff continues in Sinjar and Sinoni Hospitals and health centers in all the compounds, and we gave seminars and lectures about this virus in schools, government departments and public places, after that, the departments, the centre of the district ,the district centers and their affiliated compounds were sterilized.

“Hajo” added “A team of health staff in cooperation with the security services is present in control points, the entrances to the district, township and the compounds, the arrivals are checked by thermal devices, when anyone is suspected they send him to Mosul and check all those who were in touch with him and quarantined them until the presence of the results”.

“Hajo” confirmed “As health staff we work with all efforts to serve the community of Shingal and the health and safety of the citizens to protect and prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus among our people in these tragic circumstances.”

The technical nurse, “Hazem Qasso”, also spoke to Ezidi24, saying that “The health staff and the doctors these days are going through a difficult situation and we are in front of a historic slope to stand in front of this dangerous epidemic that threatens most of the countries of the world”.

“Qasso” also said that ““The health staff is continuing on the top of his duty and most of the cadres present in Shingal and Sinoni and the health sectors of the district have been going on for a month, without exchanging , due to the curfew in the region, especially between Shingal and Kurdistan region, and we are ready to stay months for the service of citizens and the health and safety of society.”

“Qasso” sent a message through “Ezidi24” and said “We ask our people to not leave their homes and adhere to home quarantine, and we ask them to not visit hospitals except in emergency cases, because the virus is rapidly spreading and any suspect person can cause a disaster, therefore we assure to our people that we are there to serve them according to the capabilities that we have, we assure them that Shingal is safe and there is no infected case, and that all the rumours circulating on social media are untrue, there is no need for fear and anxiety, cooperate with us and stay at your homes to control this killer and do not allow him to enter Shingal and because in this sensitive period we are not ready and qualified for that. “

This and today, 3/4/2020, the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment announced, in a statement, that the total number of injuries throughout the country reached 820 cases, 54 deaths and 226 recovery.

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