Clouds of bad luck are over many people like me

Farhad Barkat Ali

All of us think that luck is given to people by God ,but even God gives that luck to people whom deserve , while we see other people are given but they do not deserve .
Does God test people or he is serious ?

Till you are alive you will always think that you are not given your right although God gives you in a hidden way that you do not think about it .Those people that you are talking about they are not given as they want .And it nearly days it is believed they will wish to become like you although you do not have anything and still blaming God for not giving you the luck. So accept everything you are given by God even it is a failure, because it is said that success comes from failure , so be hopeful and always thank God ,yet if you do not fail you do not success . Moreover God loves every single person and does not differentiate among human beings . Because when God smiles to us we become arrogant and we do not see anybody over ourselves , that is why we may see that our luck is smiling for us , but at that time we must not forget God and always remind him. It sounds we escape from rain and we face coldness .

In our daily life is shown that many miracles happen and you definitely know that is not fair and you are neglected by God , but God tests you and neglects you in order that he could see your reaction about his decisions for you and for all human beings. Because God is not a person to take bribes from you he is the judge , merciful , wise, great and patient. So we have to get much more patience that we need , since it is said that there is not bad luck but there is a sin made God angry too much that is made luck bad .
It seems that your luck hits your shoulder and smiles telling you that I am not like them I will never leave you , as it is said do not wait for luck to smile to you but tell it a joke .Life was created to provide everything for us the most important thing is that to be patient . God loves patience and we as human beings we do not .Luck does not knock on doors randomly .the point is that when it knocks on your door you should be there .
Because God has just one well of luck and good and bad luck both of them are two cups of one well. So be optimistic , one day you will see how God loves you .

In conclusion, I would say that one day this luck which you blame ,will knock at your door and make your life lightens. There is a proverb says “bad luck loves nice people “ Try to be confident with yourself and tell yourself “if bad luck is a magnet then I am a wood .“
There is a phrase says “No fears ,no Excuse “ it means you must face many obstacles, then you should know how to rescue yourself from it such it is roughly important to be rescued from .
As it is seen and noticed that no body had a good luck for a long time , all of them deserved what they got , there is no thing called lucky competitor . As we were told by our ancient that luck is always with us whether it is good or bad , but it sometimes turns its path to the stupid one and turns its back to the clever one .
But we should not say that does not see us , no we are wrong we have to correct ourselves before we blame God and make peace inside ourselves so that we get happiness.

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