Yazidi’s New Year Day, How will it be dealt amid the spread of Coronavirus? Know it and be aware about the actions taken this year

Ezidi24 – Laith Hussain
Translation: Tahseen Alhaskany

On Wednesday, the first of April of each year according to the eastern calendar, and according to the Gregorian calendar for this year, Wednesday, April 15, 2020, is the Yazidi New year’s Day, or as it is known as (Charshama Sari Sali), and the Yezidis celebrate this day with a special religious and social decrees, and it has its own sanctity to them, and they visit the holy Lalish temple and other shrines in their areas of residence.

About this Eid, “Pir Kheder”, a scientist of the Yazidi religion, explained to ” Ezidi 24″, that, “The new year for the Yazidi religion begins from the first Wednesday of April according to the eastern calendar, and this day is considered the Yazidi New Year’s Eid, which is known as “Charshama Sari Sali – Charshama Nisani” It is directly related to nature.”

He pointed out that, “On this Eid, the Yezidis visit the graves of their dead and visit the religious shrines as well as visiting relatives and tourist places in the Shingal’s mountain for the people of Shingal, at a time when people must make their preparations before a period of the Eid to welcome it.”

“Religious rituals take place on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, that is, the Eid day, in Lalish Temple and other shrines and in the presence of clerics, including the” Sama “dance in which clerics take part in the roles of the seven angels, and ignite 365 candles with the number of days of the year, and that One of the most important customs of this Eid is boiling and coloring eggs”, He added.

“This year, as a result of Coronavirus pandemic in most countries of the world, we must protect ourselves to cross this situation and the people must adhere to the instructions issued by the health teams, and not to celebrate the Eid or at least without gatherings”, Pir added

For its part, the “Yezidi Spiritual Council” issued a statement on Monday April 13, 2020, “Ezidi 24” received a copy of it, and it said “a congratulatory telegram to the Yazidis in the whole world, on the occasion of the coming of the Yazidi New Year (Sir Sal) and Spring’s Eids, wishing Everyone has plenty of health and wellness.

“We call on all Yezidis in Kurdistan, Iraq and the world to adhere to the instructions and decisions issued by the government and the concerned authorities and the Crisis Cell, regarding the prevention of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, which has spread in many countries”, The statement added.

It pointed out, “Not to hold any gatherings or celebrations of the new year’s Eid and Spring Eids for this year, in implementation of the instructions and decisions issued by the Crisis Cell, and to preserve the lives of our sons and daughters.”

In conclusion, “His Honorable the Prince wished health, wellness, safety for all, mercy for the deceased, and a speedy recovery for the injured, and for this black cloud to disappear and that in the coming occasions we can practice our rituals and celebrations after the world rid itself of this dangerous pandemic.”

In the same context, “Ali Khalaf” talked about that to “Ezidi24” and said, “The fact that the outbreak of the Coronavirus affected people and this is a very difficult pandemic and a dangerous disease and an enemy for everyone and therefore we have to protect ourselves so that it does not reach us, and for this I see it is better not to gather to be safe.”

“Annually we hold Eid’s decrees, celebrations and picnics, but this year due to the spread of Coronavirus, we will do nothing but religious rituals in our homes”, He added.

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