On a humanitarian mission: A Yazidi man sacrificed his life in order to save a Muslim girl

Ezidi 24 – Shingal

three years ago, while liberating the right coast from the city of Mosul in the northern of Nineveh province, the Iraqi young man, Shaheen Khalaf, from the Yazidi minority, provided his life as a price in an attempt to save a Muslim girl from the fire of snipers of the ISIS terrorist organization.

While carrying out his human duty, Shaheen tried to make his body a protective shield for a Muslim girl who was stuck in a house and was unable to reach the rescue teams. During his rescue of the Mosulian little girl, a treacherous bullet penetrated his body by the terrorist group’s sniper, and subsequently transferred to a hospital in the capital of Baghdad, for treatment.

On his arrival in Baghdad, he underwent two surgeries during the ten days he spent in the hospital by the surgeons who failed to save his life, on the evening of Sunday May 14, 2017, the martyr of humanity passed away affected by his injury and left behind him humanitarian lessons and his heroic humanitarian work circulated in the most famous newspapers, international channels.

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