“Arqa voice” is the first program to support vocal talents in Bashiqa and Bahzani

Ezidi 24 – Hussam Alshaair

Translation – Tahseen Alhaskany 


Amid of the crisis of COVID_19, and the lockdown, which has prolonged and caused a lot of boredom to society. The rising generation (youth in Bashiqa and Bahzani) has also got us used to find a solution to every dilemma, and to make their mark in every neighborhood.

One of the solutions to take advantage of the holiday and lockdown was to suggest the idea of a competition for the “Arqa voice” program due to the abundance of artistic talents and lyrical voices in Bashiqa and Bahzani.This competition was organized to rid of boredom and to give space for talents to appear on the screen and shine a light on them, so it may be an artistic launch and a star project from this station.

It is noteworthy that the presenter of the program was Ayas Saeed, with the voluntary filming and editing of Adam’s studio.

The organist and one of the judges committee, Mr. Jihad Al-Bashiqi, explained to “Ezidi 24″, ” It was a simple idea, intended to occupy the youth segment, which is the most proportion of the community in Bashiqa and Bahzani, with things that attract their attention and change its path from bad thinking towards lockdown and staying at home. Rather, we looked at the matter from a positive angle, where we can take advantage of this time space, and fill it with a timeless work that history mentions rather than blame the time of Corona.”

“We did not expect this great turnout and the welcome of the community, our goal was to reach 20 participants, and accept all of them, then the second stage would start, and the filtering and the remaining would be for the best voices. But what caught our attention and surprise has reached 40 participants, and here we have received a great public interest and were very happy with our status, we have put under pressure responsibility, which, if circumstances permit, will be created annually.” He referred to.

“After four days of counting and working day and night, we chose only 12 votes from all participants, who are eligible, but we say that everyone who broke the barrier of fear, dared, and sent a sound or video is an artist and a successful and ambitious person. We wish everyone success in both art and personal terms” He added.

For his part, the judge “Azal” said, “the program of the “Arqa voice” is a chance for those who haven’t had the chance. We congrats all participants because they are all winners.Those who were unlucky, we hope they will have more luck next time, as we aspire to be our first program, but not the last one, so they can participate again.”

“We sincerely apologize for the beautiful voices, who are of great origins, Bashiqa and Bahzani residents outside the country, who have been accepted and have distinctive voices, but as a result of lockdown due to Corona outbreak we were not able to form a second committee abroad to train, communicate and vote and share until the end of the program. So we do apologize for them and we inform them that we are likely to form another committee outside the country in Germany, because many of my Bashiqa and Bahzani youth are there and thus can participate and hope to win” He added.

On the other hand, “Lubna Idel”, a participant who is qualified for the second stage, spoke to “Ezidi24” and said that, “Singing is the food of the soul.This is why I am pleased with this remarkable step, which has been presented by artists from my estate of the source of art and talent, and has provided an opportunity to appear on screen, and provided a starting point for those with artistic trends and a stardom dream.”

“I am happy because because I passed the first stage, this is an opportunity and a door opened in my face to show my artistic skills, stand before judges who I have benefited from their notes and developed my skills in singing”, She added.

“Luay Al-Rahal”, another participant and a qualified person for the second stage, told “Ezidi24, “In my opinion the program is more than wonderful, and the committee is very good. They have extensive experience, and I thank them, in turn, for accepting me. I wish to get benefit more from their experience.”

“I hope that the program will be a success and a great prosperity, and a lot more noted for all participants, who have not been successful in this season,” he concluded

First stage vote counting link, with 12 candidates qualifying for second stage, training phase, on YouTube:

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