international investigation team gets 2 million mobile phones register of ISIS members conducted during yazidi genocide

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ISIS war crimes investigators team in Iraq got information from mobile phones data of ISIS members contains millions of phone information for the participants in Yazidi genocide in an important step that will show the severity of ISIS crimes against yaidis in particular and ISIS victims in general ,They can be benefit from in the international and domestic courts to bring perpetrators to justice.

Annual body report for the councils security this week said” Cell phone records have given UN investigators who are looking into ISIS war crimes in Iraq a great help. ”

The team’s fourth annual report – authored by Karim Asad Ahmed Khan cleared that “Significant progress has been made in identifying new evidence and recovering them .
The Khan team, whose report was presented to the UN Security Council on Monday and watched by the French News Agency on Tuesday, attributed the gains to increased cooperation with the Iraqi authorities in their mission to obtain records of data for mobile phone calls from Iraqi telecommunications companies.

“The cooperation enabled the collection of data from mobile phones, SIM cards and electronic storage used by ISIS,” said the UN team leader.

The report stated that, “The data can speed up the judicial investigations of members of the armed group that have committed the crimes against all Iraqi communities.”.

In the report, Mr. Khan highlighted at August attacks 2014 against the Yazidi minority in Sinjar region.

The report also stated that, “according to United Nations, the massacre of Yazidis, a persecuted minority, can amount to a genocide.”

According to the annual body report, “the new data can accelerate the judicial investigations of mass crimes against minorities.”

And that the investigation team obtained “more than two million calls recording about the attacks, in addition to the geolocation coordinates.”

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