After a report by “Ezidi 24”, Nadia’s initiative builds a new home for Yazidi survivors of ISIS captivity

Ezidi 24 – Shingal

After “Ezidi 24” has published a report about the suffering of Mrs.(Barfi) “Amsha Musa Bakr” and her daughter in late November 2019, who were both survivors of the Yazidi genocide and residents of the village of “Dohla”, Nadia’s initiative built a new home for them.

Nadia’s Initiative has published on its official accounts on social media platforms showing the building of home and it has said, “Amsha lost her husband and her son during ISIS attacks on Yazidi regions and she was struggling for surviving and fed her daughter.”

“After ISIS attacks in 2014, Amsha and her daughter were kidnapped, sold and enslaved by ISIS militants” It added

“After two years of captivity, Amsha and here daughter were able to flee and return to their home. They have faced continuing difficulties in obtaining a suitable shelter, their home was built of mud and was destroyed by rain”, The initiative has said

It also refered to, “Nadia’s initiative built a new home and provided all the household items to these survivors, who could live in dignity and security”

Demo video: Nadia’s Initiative is building the home and providing it with household items

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