ISIS offers a Yazidi child for sale for $20.000, and her family appeals for rescue

Ezidi 24 – Duhok

After nearly six years have passed since she was kidnapped with 21 members of her family, ISIS offers an Yazidi child for sale for 20,000 dollars, and her family is unable to pay this amount and appeals to charitable and concerned people to expedite her rescue and bring her back to her family before losing contact with her again

The kidnapped child’s father told “Ezidi 24”, “On August 3, 2014, during the Yazidi genocide as a result of the invasion of the city of Shingal, ISIS kidnapped my daughter, she was 9 years old with 21 members of my family, and took them to unknown places under The control of the Islamic State, we have lost contact with them over the past years, and we were waiting for news from them. We suffered in the absence of my daughter and now we are suffering Because we are unable to save and return her.”

“We received news about her via a phone call, and she was offered for sale, and we are trying to return her, but due to our poor financial condition, we are unable to do that. Each several days we receive news about this issue for more than ten days. We are afraid that we will lose the girl after all this waiting because of our inability to provide this amount and at the same time it is difficult to collect it within a few days”, He added.

He appealed to the charitable and all those concerned to these cases, saying, “We hope and wish that they will help us in this plight, we may lose the child again if we do not collect the demanded amount as soon as possible after all these years of waiting.”

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