After nearly six years in captivity, a Yazidi family is on sale for 90,000 $

Ezidi 24 – Tahseen Alhaskany

The suffering of Yazidis is ongoing in Syria and Iraq since ISIS invasion in the two countries, and the most influential one on the Yazidi community in the 21st century is the genocide that they were subjected to in the Sinjar district at the hands of the organization.

From time to time, a number of Yazidi kidnappers are on sale for large sums of money to be released, the latest being the Yazidi family kidnapped in 2014 by ISIS, which consist of 6 people who offered to sell for 90,000 dollars.

“The family is on sale in Syria by an armed faction and is demanding 90,000 dollars, but their relatives are unable to pay the demand sum and they need who can help them to save their family members” said Ali Hussein Al-Khanasori, a civil activist.

Al-Khanasori continued that, “he spoke on the phone with one of the kidnapped relatives called “Abas” and he decided to sell one of his kidneys in order to save his son and the family of his missing brother also if necessary.”

Al-Khanasori appealed to “the concerned authorities, the charitable people, and everyone who can help this family to contact via WhatsApp with Mr. Abbas – one of the kidnappers relatives- or call him at the following number (07511101889)”

It is worth noting that the Yazidis in Sinjar district and its regions were subjected to a campaign of genocide by ISIS, which kidnapped more than 6,417 male and female individuals, as more than 3548 kidnappers were rescued, while the destiny of more than 2887 remains unknown until now.

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