Yazidi migration and ISIS attack, are they contradictory or proportional to each other?

How can it be that Yazidi maintains the message of his religion and culture in the diaspora, and amid the spread in many countries?

Ezidi 24 – Dyab Ghanem
Translation: Tahseen Alhaskany

Yazidi emigration started several decades ago, but not as it is now. Individual migration started and expanded after the fall of the Ba’ath regime in 2003, and after 2014 due to the persecution of the Yazidis, and the inability of the Iraqi state to protect them immigration became in thousands.

Immigration left a positive reflection and impact on Yazidis for some people and a negative one for others, especially since the Yazidis issue and their genocide across the local level and reached the international level so that many countries took interest in their file.

The Yazidi migration file has become a file that arouses the interest of many Yazidi academics as well as international organizations. Here the question arises: Is Yazidi migration and dispersal of them been among the goals of ISIS?

Women from victims of ISIS to the phenomenon of migration

In a study issued by the Association for the Defense of Endangered Peoples in Germany, it showed that “80% of Yazidis who immigrated to Germany were subjected to sexual persecution by ISIS.”

The survey included 296 Yazidis, half of whom were raped, and the study confirmed that “about 280,000 Yazidis are taken from camps for displaced persons and refugees in Iraq and Syria.”

Immigration option, is it the last for Yazidis?

According to the opinions of activists and studies, the majority of the Yazidi IDPs, who are estimated at 300,000 people, are considering, according to unconfirmed statistics, to migrate and seek safe shelter due to the persecution they are subjected to continuously.

According to the study mentioned and the main researcher in the study “Dr. Alhan Kezlhan, “Immigration will be the last option if they are unable to stay in their country.”

Did ISIS achieve one of its goals by emigration of Yazidis?

The ISIS attack on the Shangal district, which most Yazidis live, on August 3, 2014, reflects the rate of migration among Yazidis.

Yazidi journalist Ibrahim Al-Qirani in an interview with “Ezidi 24” says that “it is normal that after all extermination there will be negative repercussions on oppressed peoples, especially on the ethnic and religious minorities that live among societies and peoples who prefer religion over civilization, and prefer violence and extremism to humanity, It sells the interests of its public peoples for the interests of countries in which they were raised and established intelligence services that work for their personal interests, and this was the beginning and the main reason for the emergence of terrorist organizations in Iraq, including ISIS, to disintegrate the social fabric in Iraq and displace minorities, especially Yazidis.”

“ISIS and its emergence from the basis is a plan for a new demographic change in the region and the division of regions according to international and regional interests, and what is happening in Iraq from the division is in Syria as well and will include several other countries in the region”, He added.

The civil activist, Ibrahim Al-Tamry, told Ezidi 24, “I do not expect immigration to be a goal of the Islamic Caliphate State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), as a personal opinion, because their first and last goal is to impose embracing Islam on Yazidis and all the stories and crimes that It was committed by ISIS, proving that they only accepted Islam as a religion and Sunnah.”

“Allow some Yazidis in separate places to stay in their homes, hospitality and visit them, and make them raise the white flags as it happened in “Wardia” village and take their weapons from them – it was in order to deceive those who climbed the mountain to descend, except when they killed and exterminated the people of Koju, Hardan and families of Khanasor and Tal Izir after days From staying with them and giving them their weapons and money. ” He pointed out

“There was no crime that the organization did not commit against the sick, the elderly, men, women, girls, and even children. As for the corridor opened by the Kurdish People’s Protection Forces (YPK), it cried, and it was supervised by the international coalition, and paid tribute to ISIS because they were sure that they would occupy Kurdistan as well otherwise they won’t let anyeone to escape”, He stated

How can the Yazidis benefit from the Diaspora?

“Al-Qirani” said that, “Yazidis in the Diaspora must unite the word and close ranks because their last inspirational voice for Yazidis. We live in a country where the voice of right is inaudible or from the basis is forbidden, especially the voice of minorities.”

“For this reason, I see that the future of Yazidis is in their hands, and they must continue to demand the rights of Yazidis more and more because the doors of governments, institutions and organizations are open to them, unlike Iraq completely, especially the IDPs from camp residents who became with their issue on the shelves of offices without looking at them,” he also said.

Al-Tamry said, “For the sake of staying and continuing to carry the message of Yazidis in the Diaspora, we in Iraq must work to reform the religious system from the spiritual council and enact a law to choose the prince and “Baba Sheikh” and establish a world council and unify feasts and occasions between Shingal and the Yazidi’s regions in Kurdistan region and outside states. To what extent the families of the Diaspora feel affiliation with the unified religious bond, which I see will limit the speed of time that helps the Yazidis fusion in foreign societies. ”

“As a person, if I had an opportunity to migrate today with my family in order to put a safety stone for me and the future of my family, but migration should not be for the sake of fusion and severing the bond of affiliation, because I see that if the displaced people agree to organize their ranks for the sake of religion only, away from the parties Political and religious are also dangerous, regardless of personal political affiliation, in working to support their families to buy lands, build projects, develop their areas, and provide job opportunities for their relatives, which will limit the increase of immigration abroad and also raise the standard of living,” He also said

Is migration threatens Yazidis survival?

“Al-Qirani” says in that, “Yazidi migration in general has its negatives more than positives, because Yazidi dispersal and their migration to several countries is generally a threat to their existence, but when you do not have a backing on it or a country that respects your existence and your customs and traditions and takes you out of your house and kills you on identity and insulting your wives, it is only Normally that immigration is the last thing open to you.”

Al-Tamry said at the end of his speech to “ Ezidi 24”, “For us immigration as an Yazidi religion since its creation, is the fusion and the loss of the true existence of its ideological and cultural components, and even if some families that are still male and female fathers and mothers can preserve them on the eternal message of Yazidis, but the end is inevitably tragic and the main reason is that we are not a missionary religion so that we can live in Europe whose democracies rule the Church and preach behind the scenes until we gain some and lose each other as Islam does with them.”

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