Shingal and Yazidis’ Productions between Protection and Destruction

Sultan Haji

Yazidis harvest has been burning. Yazidis have been in harsh situations. On Kurdistan and Iraqi governments protect Yazidis and their productions.

Humans are afraid of humans. Humans are frightened by animals. Animals are scared of humans. Cereal grains and plants are uncomfortable with humans. If humans were not the reason for having fear, how would fear be born?

If we take into consideration what has happened since 2014, we will see that many conflicts, clashes, immolation, destructions, and slaughterings, etc have occurred to human beings all over the world. I should let out that the similar has taken place to animals, plants, water and constructions as well.

Here I aim to through the light on the most city or distract that confronted such darkness, bitterness and was deteriorated it was Shingal and in particular Yazidis. What Yazidis faced by ISIS on August 3, 2014 was a GENOCIDE.

Neither writing a hundred nor thousands of books can cover the events that Yazidis fronted.

The saddest thing of nowadays incidents is that even Yazidis’ grains/crops, trees and harvests have been burning. Such plants are innocents. They only make humans and animals stay alive.

Yazidis have fed up from such brutality and they always appeal for help because they are a minority. The Iraqi and Kurdistan governments should help Yazidis and consider them their citizens.

They have the right to be protected like any other people. They are not deserved to be harmed and destroyed.

Yazidis always defend peace, no violence and equality. They want trees not to be cut or burned but they want to plant them.

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