Ezidi and Iraqi Prime ministers

farhad barakat ali

Since this minority has found itself and it hasn’t seen any support from any Iraqi prime minister.
Ezidi people are a small minority lives in Iraq , the majority of them live in Shingal and Shekhan , there are several places where Ezides people live like Sharia ,Khanki ,Bashiqa&Bahazani and a small region on the boarder of Iraq_Syria called Derabun .

Also Ezidi people live in Syria, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Europe, US ,Australia and Canada .

Since Saddam’s Regime was finished in 2003 , Alwawi,Jaffari ,Malilki ,Adil Abdul Muhidi and the current one Mustafa Al Khathimi , none of these prime ministers has done anything to the Ezidi people.

In 2007 , Ezidi people in two Complexes in Sinjar were faced a barbaric attack by ALQAIDA and due that event more than 320 people were killed and wounded more than 1400.

Iraqi government had not done anything for the victims and for the people of the victims.
From 2007 to 2013 , many bombs were exploded and were killing dozens of Ezidi people and we didn’t see any support from Iraqi government at that time . In 2014 , the most tragedy Genocide happened to Ezidi people by ISIS and it resulted killing more than 3000 people, kidnapping more than 6000 girls and women , destroying more than 65 Ezidi shrines and displacing more than 550000 Ezidi to Kurdistan region that more than 200000 of them are still living under two meters of nylon.

Then that in May 2020, Mustafa Al Khathimi had become the new prime ministers of Iraq . After renewing and updating many things from Iraqi authorities and struggling corruption in the country, Ezidi people hoped that they will get something precious from a new Prime minister of Iraq.

But unfortunately Ezidi people didn’t get any seat in Iraqi Parliament and didn’t get any position as well, not doing any action towards Ezidi girls who are missing for 6 years , Ezidi feel pessimism about Khathimi too .

Today Mustafa Al Khathimi went and visited Nainwa province and many other districts of Nainwa except some places and Shingal was included of the non_visited places .

The end of story is not finished yet , and we are still asking for our rights, but it’s so difficult as it’s seen and heard what is being happening to the Ezidi in Shingal , these reasons were the main ones which were pressured on many Ezidi families to leave Iraq and become immigrants. If you don’t have a right in your country then where can you find right..?

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