After six years of living under the two meters of nylon, Ezidi people decide to return to Shingal

farhad barakat ali

On 3rd of August 2014, Ezidi people in Shingal faced the worst tragedy in the history. Shingal didn’t give up to anyone the history and always fought for its people, regardless of how many men and women died, killed and captured, they were born to sacrifice for the Ezidisim. Since the time of *Mir Jafar Dasni who was a Ezidi and a leader who in 838 launched an uprising against Abbasid Caliph al-Mutasim in the area north of Mosul. After being defeated at Babagesh he resided in castles in Dasin, was covering his Ezidi people and he sacrificed for them and that was mentioned because Ezidi always sacrifice for their people.

During the history, this poor minority has faced more than 74 genocides, and in those genocides more than 80 million were killed and were forced to be converted to another religion by different militias and groups. The population of Ezidis now is approximately 2 millions all over the world.

Later, and after the worst genocide had happened to the Ezidis in 2014, they fled to live in a safe place, so they went through Kurdistan Region cities and to other areas, then settled there. Today, more than 200,000 Ezidi are living in Kurdistan camps, and all of them had displaced in 2014. After two years of Genocide, some of the families returned to Shingal but the rate was too low nearly 5%.

After that more than 100,000 returned that heightened the rate to 20%. This past week, more than 80 families returned and highletend the last rate to 35%. In the time being, Ezidi people are still thinking whether to return to Shingal or stay in the camps. they say “if we stayed in camps more, we won’t get anything”, and some say “ if we don’t go to Shingal then who will go” . In the real meaning they are two parts, some agree on returning and some don’t.

In Conclusion, Ezidi people are not obligated neither to stay nor leave by any government, some of the families were stuck for hours in a checkpoint then they were passed and allowed. Shingal needs its people to come back and continue their life, at least the Government and Organizations can do something for them, you were born in Shingal so if you die then die in Shingal.

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