Shingalian displaced people are continuing to farewell to the camps

Ezidi 24 – Basim Qasim
Translation – Tahseen Haskany

With nearly six years of Yazidi genocide committed by the terrorist organization ISIS and the displacement of all its residents to the Kurdistan region, large numbers of displaced families started knocking on their city door again and bid farewell to the camps.

Today, Thursday June 18, 2020, a number of Shingal residents from the displacement camps in Dohuk Governorate have returned to their homes and will return to the villages of South Shingal and the Center of the district.

Mahmood Mato’s family is one of the families that left today the kabartoo camp heading towards the Shingal district center, “Mahmood” spoke to “Ezidi 24” and said, “After tragic conditions and spending more than five years in the IDP camps, we decided to return to our city. It doesn’t matter how can we live In Shingal but, it’s better than living in camps.”

He also said, “We are not the only who are returning now. There are dozens of families, and they will each return to a village in Shingal as well.”

Waiss Naif Shingali, head of the Shingal District Council, spoke to “Ezidi 24” and said, “Our displaced families are continuing to return to their areas, and we also in the Shingal administration are continuing to work to serve our people.”

“The number of returning families is constantly increasing and they return with their own decision and their will, without the assistance of any party, they have returned to their destroyed city” He continued.

Dozens of Yazidi families have returned in the recent period to the district of Shingal and continue to do so, and it is expected that a higher percentage of the displaced will return to their homes.

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