The mother of the Yazidi child who was killed by a fighter of ISIS organization is facing the accused of killing her child face to face

Ezidi24- Frankfort

The mother of five-years Yazidi child who was killed by a fighter of ISIS organization have faced the accused of killing her child face to face in Frankfort court , and his nationality is Iraqi, as the witness on the crime and the owner of her child’s case against a member of ISIS extremist terrorist organization.

The Frankfort court set three days for Interrogation and listening to the testify of child’s mother, as she has been appeared eleven times before at “Jennifer W “ in Munich and she is the wife of the same ISIS member (Abo Mawia) until all the Judge’s questions were answered at that time.

The witness didn’t have to wait long to recognize the accused

According to the “Frankfurter Allgemeine” newspaper and once the session began ,the judge ( Moderator) asked “ do you know him?”, the witness looked closely and answered, yes I know him he is Abo Mawia who hanged my daughter to the window ,the judge asked her again, are you sure?she answered yes he is Abo Mawia who bought me and my daughter from slavery Market and treated us as slaves.

No, the feet were hanged in the air

The judge continued asking the questions that made the witness cry while remembering the last moments of her daughter accelerating slow death ,thirstiness in the burning sun , the judge: “How Abo Mawia bound the girl with the window exactly?” The mother of the child is answering, while signalling with her hands, indicates a sign that Abu Mawia bound the child to the window, the judge asking “ did she was able to stand on her feet?” the mother answers , no ,her feet were hanged in the air and can’t stand , the judge asks another question ,how long she stayed there? The mother answers, I don’t remember exactly a very long time until she became unconscious .

The witness is a 48 years old Yazidi woman from Sinjar region ,ISIS fighters killed members of her family and relative Males, and kidnapped the Females from them . The members of Ezidi24 are in connection with the Yazidi women’s intimates, and in connection with those who are working on the case ,and they knew about all the case’s details ,but they keep publishing the specific details of the case to keep the victim’s mother safe.

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