The director of Nineveh Martyrs: The initial estimates indicate that the (600) victims of the cemetery may have been prisoners of Badush prison

Ezidi24:Nasr Haji
Translation: Hanan Shivan

The director of Nineveh Martyrs reported that the available evidences we have are preliminarily evidences , and we are waiting a team from Baghdad to determine the final identity of the victims.

Mohamad Asker Al Shaquli the director of martyrs Directorate in Ninevah said In a special statement to “Exidi24 ″, that “A mass grave has been found in Al-Kask region, specifically in Al-Hamaidat region, that locates between Mosul and Talafar.”

adding to say “we have visited the cemetery site, Upon on an announcement from the competent authorities, to hold a technical survey for the cemetery.

indicating that “ the initial disclosure and according to our speculation refer that the cemetery victims may have been prisoners of Badush prison, as the victims were wearing almost the same clothes (sportswear).

Clearing that “We haven’t find clear evidence such as official documents or special costumes.

“He pointed out, “We have submitted a report to the General Directorate in Baghdad and informed them about the matter and we are awaiting the arrival of a team from the General Directorate to fully disclosure the cemetery.”

The director of the Martyrs’ Directorate of Nineveh denied that there were women among the victims, because we haven’t found any clothes or things that indicated that to that.

The Nineveh Martyrs Directorate announced, and through its official Facebook page, the discovery of a new mass grave in Al-Kask region in Nineveh Governorate. includes about (600) people.

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