The explosive homes owners in Shingal are calling for help

Some of them returned and others did not return, the returnees live in other people's homes or in rented homes

Ezidi 24 – Saadoon Hussein
Translation: Tahseen Alhaskany

When ISIS militants attacked the Shingal district in western Nineveh governorate, they committed many crimes against the people of the district, including demolishing and burning homes, and after six years in displacement and being away from Shingal, once again the joy beats the doors of the hearts of the people, in delight of the return. But there are dozens of homes destroyed and explosive.

The demolished explosive homes are one of ISIS’s remains, and the owners of these homes are demanding and appealing the Iraqi government and international organizations that their homes be rebuilt or that they be helped in doing so, so that life returns to the villages and complexes there.

“Nasser Ibrahim,” one of whom ISIS destroyed their homes, spoke to “Ezidi 24” and said, “We were happy when we returned to Shingal, but we faced great problems because we did not own a home and because there was no other solution we rented a home and lived in it.”

Ibrahim also said, “We call on every person or party from the Iraqi government, Kurdistan region government or international organizations, to help us rebuild our homes.”

The displaced “Maher Khudida” who wanted to return to Shingal, but for not having a place to live in, he did not return, spoke to “Ezidi 24” and said, “While I visit Shingal, I feel short of breath because every place I look at there is a memory in it and at the time I see my home Destroyed and our dreams become bitter memories, I suffer from a strange psychological state.”

“Our main demand for the government is to look at us with a bigger eye and help us because there are thousands of Yazidis kidnapped and unaccounted for, hundreds of homes are explosive, and there are dozens of mass graves and there is no movement from anyone to help us,” He added.

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