The determination of Ezidi people is too high to destroy them

Farhad Barakat Ali

After 74 genocides the Ezidis have faced, they still work for their community and their people. It has been six years since the last genocide of 3rd of August 2014. In that time the Ezidis have been reading, writing, feeling, looking, caring, listening and sacrificing. Because of the severe atrocities committed against them, it has given them further encouragement to stand up for their rights. Many people have now become specialized in medicine, law, economics, science, etc., demonstrating their real willingness to survive.

Not only were the Ezidis specifically targeted for butchering, raping, and kidnapping, their entire infrastructure was destroyed. All were displaced. Most migrated to Kurdistan ،Europe، US and throughout the world.

There was pressure to dismantle their culture, their language and so on. However, the Ezidis prevailed. It only encouraged the Ezidi community to work even harder. They began getting the highest marks at some of the colleges and universities, not only in Kurdistan but also in Iraq, Europe, the US and Russia.

Just recently thousands upon thousands of Ezidis are returning to their beloved homeland of Shingal, where their largest municipality is Shingal. A variety of groups and organizations have arrived or have been formed to assist and serve the community. They help to clean and clear homes so they will once again be fit to occupy. In many cases, homes are being completely rebuilt. Food baskets are being distributed. Educational classes and job training classes are being offered for free. Many have stepped up to volunteer for these services. The Ezidi and Shingali people will benefit much from these organizations and volunteers. The Ezidis would not have survived without their help.

In conclusion, the determination and willingness of the Ezidis is now stronger than ever. Even after all the killing, torture, persecution, and kidnapping, they will hold their heads up high and refuse to give up.Stay optimistic ! God will be always be on your side and help you!

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