Shingal students of the Kurdish study who were quarantined in Duhok appeal for help

“I do apologize in advance to my mother,” one of students said

Ezidi 24 – Dyab Ghanem
Translation: Tahseen Alhaskany

After they appealed to find a solution for them and transferred them to the Kurdistan region of Iraq to perform the ministerial exams that determine their future fate, the Kurdistan Regional Government responded to their appeal and they were transferred to Duhok province.

After coming to Duhok, they were quarantined in hotels, and the Kurdistan Regional Government covered all their expenses, but the students suffer from a lack of food and a lack of space.

The student, “Kifah Khairo” spoke to “Ezidi 24” and said, “We, like the 12th grade students, who were quarantined in Duhok, we suffer from space constraints and this will affect all of us and our degrees and we cannot study.”

“We thank the Kurdistan Regional Government for what it has done for us and we demand them to find a suitable solution for us. We will be in the wind and our harvest of the tiredness that our fathers and mothers await will be ashes and our dream will evaporate,” He added.

The student, Izzat Ismail, also spoke to Ezidi 24, saying, “Our affairs are very difficult and we cannot study. They were talking about providing a good environment for students to take the exams, but the environment in which we live now is completely different from what they talked about.”

“We ask the concerned authorities to send students whose homes were in Kurdistan to their homes in order to allow us to be able to study, otherwise, we apologize to our families because we will fail the exams,” He also said

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