Nadia Murad: I was living a simple and peaceful life, ISIS came to destroy that life, ISIS crimes will not go unpunished

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During her participation as a keynote speaker at the UN Global Girls ’Leadership Summit for this year, which takes place from the day before yesterday and continues until the end of this day, during which the Yazidi activist, Nadia Murad, delivered a speech at the summit focusing on the ISIS crimes against the Yazidis And against her and her family and relatives in the year 2014.

“Murad” said, “It is an honor to be speaking to you all today.This is an important time in our history. The world is grappling with a pandemic that has changed the very way we go about our lives. And across the world, we are facing many issues that we must collectively address to create positive change globally. These include racial inequality, gender inequality, climate change, and regional conflicts that have increased the number of internally displaced people around the world”.

“Murad” added, “These issues are big and require a lot of work. In order to create sustainable solutions, women and girls must be included in this work. We know our communities, we know their needs, and we know by now that when we invest in women and allow women to take part in policy development and leadership, it creates positive and lasting change”.

And “Murad” mentioned, “That is why I am inspired to be speaking today to Girl Up champions around the world who are working to create positive change in their families, schools, communities, and countries”.

“Murad” added, “I was a young girl living in Iraq when ISIS attacked our homeland in 2014. I was living a simple, peaceful life. ISIS came to destroy that life. They changed my life and the lives of thousands of women and girls from the Yazidi community”.

And “Murad” pointed out, “When I escaped ISIS captivity, I knew I had to tell my story to raise awareness of thousands of other young girls and women just like me. It seemed impossible that a young woman could create this change and awareness. But I kept telling my story. I kept urging people to pay attention to what happened to us and provide help, so that history would not repeat itself somewhere else and these crimes would not go unpunished”.

She also said “Thousands of Yazidi survivors of sexual violence, mostly young women like you, were used as weapons of war by ISIS. Despite the trauma they faced, they did not give up. They escaped, and they are now working to rebuild their lives for themselves and their families”.

She mentioned, “What I know now is we must do more to ensure that no other community suffers the way my community did, especially women and girls. Very young girls lost their childhoods when ISIS came, and many remain captive to this day. We must do better to protect and empower women and girls. I hope with more collective action, no other girl will have a story like mine.”

and Show ,”We have the capacity to be leaders, and together we can change the world. That is why today, I ask you not to remain silent about the things that matter most to you or things that have happened to you. You can work to make a change, and the world needs that change”.

She explained “Murad”, “I have spent the past few years urging world leaders to take a stand and support those who are most vulnerable. We need the international community to be more proactive – we can’t wait for a tragedy or a genocide to happen to bring attention to these issues. What we are seeing in America with respect to racial injustice is that many lives had to be lost and deaths seen on camera before the nation was stirred to action. We cannot keep waiting for violence and death to happen to create change. We must demand change when we see injustice”.

In conclusion, “Murad” said, “As a young woman who had no aspirations to be a leader or an advocate, I can tell you this: the first step is to try and to not give up. You all have the ability to be great catalysts for change – but first you must believe it, and then you must act on it.”

It is noteworthy that the Girls Summit is a summit held by the United Nations in which it receives speeches and offers from a number of international leaders and change makers in the world, including Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, and 2018 Nobel Peace Laureate, Nadia Murad speaking alongside the likes of actors Priyanka Chopra and Jameela Jamil, Former First Lady Michelle Obama, and more.

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