Return continues, and the Tal Banat Youth Center reveals the number of families returning to the complex

Ezidi 24 – Khalil Poko

Outbreak of coronavirus emerging in Iraq and the Kurdistan region opened the file for the return of the Yazidi IDPs to their homes after nearly six years of displacement, and in the absence of the government’s role, the displaced families began voluntarily returning to their areas, and volunteer youth centers facilitate their affairs in cleaning the homes of the returnees and those who wish to return and provide them with initial aids, and encourages the displaced to return.

A member of the Tal Banat Youth Center, Aran Khalaf, told Ezidi 24, “Today another family returned to the complex and in turn we cleaned the house before they arrived and provided the assistance available to them”.

“We work here as volunteers to serve our people, and we aim to provide a suitable environment for the returnees and try to provide them with the initial needs and to be a link between them and the organizations”, he added.

He pointed out that “the Tel Banat Youth Center will continue to work voluntarily to serve the region, and the main goal of the center’s work is to help the people of the Tel Banat complex, and to return better than before, now and continuously we are cleaning houses and we have projects in coordination with organizations to better serve the residents of the complex”.

He stated that “the number of returnees to the complex since the end of June reached 87 families, and they are in urgent need to provide clean drinking water, and we call on the organizations and the government to open their centers and departments in the complex for the purpose of serving the returnees and assisting them, and in particular providing drinking water. Some families buy drinking water since their return “.

It is reported that on July 6, 2020 a group of youth from the Tel Banat complex in the Shingal district announced the opening of a volunteer youth center in the complex, and announced the goals of the center, which is cleaning houses for returnees who want to return and providing initial assistance to them and that the voluntary youth center be a link between them and the government and organizations.

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