With the Yezidi families returning to Shingal, continued support by humanitarian organizations and institutions

Ezidi 24 – Khalil Poko

Nearly three months ago, the Tel Banat complex, which had been empty from its people since August 2014, has been embracing families returning from displacement camps in Kurdistan, after nearly six years of suffering.

A few days ago, within the program of assisting the returnees, “MAM Humanitarian Foundation” distributed 125 food baskets to the returnees to the complex, and they numbered 120 returning families during the past two months, in addition to all the compounds south of Mount Shingal and the Judicial Center as a first stage.

According to the Ministry of Immigration and Displaced, the number of returnees to the district of Shingal and the district of Tel azer, since the beginning of last June, has reached 5,700 displaced persons from the camps of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The head of the “MAM Humanitarian Foundation” team in the Shingal district , “Nishtiman Khalaf” for “Ezidi 24”. In its first work in the Shingal district and the Tel azer district, MAM distributed more than 500 food baskets to the returnees of these mentioned areas after we provided the voluntary youth centers in Each region is our first work in the region and we plan to do more work. We accomplished our first work in the past days. “

Khalaf emphasized that “the Foundation is working to open a representative office in Shingal district to support the returning families, and its projects will be a first step to help new returnees distribute food and health and medical supplies to them in the coming days and the Foundation will continue to provide assistance to them.”

“Mohamed Al-Bebawati,” Information and Relations Officer at the Ministry of Displacement and Migration, Duhok Branch, in a special statement last Wednesday to “Ezidi 24”, affirmed that “the return transactions for a large number of Yazidi IDPs residing in the camps of Duhok Governorate are completed and on average between 70 – 80 Daily family. ”

Hawas Samir, one of the returnees to the Shingal District Center, told Ezidi 24, “I decided to return after a long period of more than five years in the displacement camps, and I finally returned to the Judicial Center, and we find it difficult here also because of the lack of delivery of basic services for some of the new returnees, so electricity and water We find it difficult to provide them, so the organizations must provide some basic needs for the new returnees, the average of what the family needs when they return 500,000 Iraqi dinars to restore and provide basic needs.

Samir added that the government should open its departments and facilitate the requirements of the returnees and provide them with electricity and potable water. In some homes, there are no electrical wires and water lines. This is what government departments must work on to help the returnees, and the government and organizations provide job opportunities and vocational projects and others to support the economy Family and the region as a whole. “

It is worth noting that on April 25, 2016, the Iraqi parliament voted to consider the city of Shingal, west of Mosul, a disaster city.

According to official reports, more than 85% of vital civil and service installations and homes have been completely destroyed, with Yazidi religious shrines destroyed by 100%, so the district of Shingal has been considered a disaster area.

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