More than 400 families without health care in the villages of Telazir Sub-district

Ezidi 24 – Khalil Poko
Translation – Tahseen Alhaskany

As the Corona crisis continues and after three years of liberation, appeals mount once again to provide health care to more than 400 families who have returned to the villages of Telazir Sub-district in the Ba’aj district of southern Nineveh province.

Three years ago, the villages and compounds of the Telazir Sub-district witnessed the return of families to their homes, and they face great problems due to the absence of health and service directorates.

The residents of Al-Wardia village launched appeals to restore and equip the health center in the village that was built before 2014, by the Kurdistan Regional Government, and was not completed due to the invasion of the Islamic State the Nineveh province and the district of Shingal and Sub-districts and Yazidi complexes in Mount Shingal.

In this context, the nurse, “Nasir Rasho”, one of the village’s residents, spoke to “Ezidi 24” and said, “Before 2014, a health center was built in the village of Al-Wardia and because of the ISIS’s Invasion, the construction and completion of its equipment was not completed.”

“Some of the people of Al-Wardiya and other villages belonging to the Telazir Sub-district have returned to their homes since 2017 and they are without health and medical services,” He added

“Also during the past weeks, a number of families returned to the village and other villages, and so far there is no health care in the village, not even in the vicinity, at a time when they are in urgent need of health services and kindness,” Rasho said.

Speaking to “Ezidi 24 ″, the director of the Telazir Sub-district, Jalal Khalo, said that“ before 2014 a health center was built in the village and it was not completed due to the ISIS invasion and because it was one of the Kurdistan Region projects that the Nineveh Health Department refused to receive and complete except under an official letter from the health directorate of Duhok assigns ownership of it in the interest of the health of Nineveh.

“Access Aid Foundation – AAF organization, according to an official letter that requested our approval to start completing and fully equipping the center and waiting for it to fund the project, and in the near future the villagers will be able to obtain direct health care،” He added.

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