Six years after the genocide, 2887 Yezidis of unknown fate are in the hands of ISIS

Ezidi 24 – Duhok

The Yazidi kidnapped rescue office in Duhok Governorate in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq published the latest statistics on the Yazidi genocide, which was committed by the terrorist organization of Daesh “ISIS” on August 3, 2014.

The crimes and violations that affected the Yazidi people in numbers:

  • • The number of the displaced is about 360,000.
    • The number of martyrs in the first days of the genocide was 1293 martyrs.
    • The number of orphans produced by the (ISIS)crime is 2745 orphans.
    •The number of mass graves discovered in (Sinjar) so far is 82 mass graves, in addition to dozens of individual grave sites.
    • The number of religious shrines and shrines bombed by ISIS, 68 shrines and a temple.
    The number of those who migrated out of the country is estimated at more than (100,000).
    • The number of kidnapped 6,417, among them: 3548 females, 2869 males.

The numbers of survivors and survivors of ISIS are as follows: Total: 3530, •including women: 1199, men: 339, female children: 1041, male children: 951, number of survivors: 2887, female: 1308, male: 1579.

Note: These statistics are approved by the United Nations and do not include material losses in property, real estate, land, animal and agricultural wealth, cars, factories …. etc., as well as psychological and moral damag

The Office of Rescuing Kidnapped yazidis.


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