Recording infection cases with Corona virus in displaced Camp imped the return of a proportion of them to their original areas, and cause panic to the others

Ezidi24 – Tyiab Ghanim
Translation – Hanan Shivan

After recording a number of cases in IDP Camps in Duhok governorate in Kurdistan region northern Iraq, the gates of those camps were closed in the face of displaced people for fear of virus spreading more and more.

The process of closing the gates of camps has impeded the return of displaced Yazidis to Shingal district, west Nineveh Governorate, and also caused panic among the people of the camp, as the disease is dangerous and rapidly spreading.

The displaced Azad Hussain spoke to “Ezidi24” and said “The spread of Corona virus in the world has led to imposition vigorous action on everyone, We, as displaced people, have been affected by the spread of Corona epidemic, as many of us work for a daily wage and it caused and created fear among many of our families in camps.

He added, “In fact, we are very afraid from spreading the epidemic in camps, because there is a large percentage of patients in camps and they have mental and chronic diseases, so it may be more difficult for us due to the large numbers in camps and the lack of adequate health care.”

Zidane Hussain also spoke to “Ezidi24”and said “ Corona virus is a disease that we should not escape from and we should all Comply with procedures, the arrival of virus to the camps caused in delaying the return process to Shingal, and this should be observed by the competent authorities.”

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