Kojo is a regular village that ISIS organization turned into a cemetery because of the refusal of its people to change their beliefs

A special report prepared by Ezidi 24

A small village, simple people and they are at the same distance from everyone, love illuminated their nights and their rivers pass while they are busy with their works, they participated in Yazidi’s social and religious rituals, and all the Yazidis were participating in their rituals.

In front of everyone’s eyes, and suddenly the light in the village turned to darkness, and the darkness became blacker completing the series of the painful August for Yazidi community, and August 15th became another black spot on the whiteness of Shingal.

Kojo and the simplicity of life

the hands of the village’s people were not leaving the dirt and they are plowing it, the hands of the mothers were not getting tired of raising livestock and doing simple daily homework, due to not having the power, she was unable to escape from the beneath of dirt of the mass graves in Solax village, located in east of Shingal district.

Except the whiteness Shingal wore entirely, Kojo had a special whiteness for men, women, old, and young , There were athletes in Kojo, soldiers, farmers, students and graduators, life did not smile at them, but rather perished them and took them to eternal sleep.

The Geographical location

Kojo was one of the small villages in Shingal, it was far away about 20 km from Shingal, it was far from Yazidi villages ,locates at Arab borders, Hatimiye village was the nearest Yazidi villages to it, and separate them by about ten kilometres.

The lands of the village were suitable for agriculture and therefore most of its people were working in agriculture and depended on it as a primary source of livelihood and to obtain a livelihood.

Village Residents

The entire village were from the Yazidi component, and they lived in mud houses, worked continuously to keep life going normally, Most of the people of the village were relatives, so the village was like a small community in it’s own.

According to statistics approved by the United Nations, the population of the village was 1,700 people of both genders and of all ages, when IS attacked the village there were about 1,200 person in the village only a handful of them survived.

Kojo and ISIS attack

Life was going on normally in Shingal, including the village of Kojo, When ISIS invaded Nineveh province in north-western Iraq, and due to the close distance between Kojo and the areas that ISIS controlled, there was a greater dangers on the village, but it resisted until ISIS’s occupation of Shingal district.

The ISIS movement was waving around the village because it was located between Al-Ba’aj district, which was occupied by ISIS at that time, and Qairanwn sub-district, which was also occupied by ISIS, affiliated to Shingal district.

Due to its far distance from Shingal district, people of the village, on August 3, 2014 could not flee towards the mountain like other villages and compounds in Shingal, except a number of families they continued to practice their lives amid a great fear , under the control of the terrorist organization ISIS.

Even though ISIS control on the village, a small number not more than 10 people managed to flee the village choosing freedom over the darkness of ISIS , they managed to get freedom and their souls on their paws.

A day under ISIS control

After they were forced to stay in the village they also forced to live according to the rules of ISIS, the organization members were gathering their weapons, except for a few number of weapons that were hidden by the people and without having the ability to use them, according to what the survivor from Kojo massacre (Kechi Ammo) said.

ISIS operatives were guarding the village so that no one could escape from them, they were visiting the village continuously without extending their hands on anyone, but at the end the biggest mass murder took place in Shingal.

August 2014

When he narrated his story to (Shahid) program, It is a program that documents the testimonies of the victims of Yazidi genocide, broadcasted by “Ezidi24” “Alyas Salih” he is another survivor from Kojo massacre ,and he was working as a Nurse in the village and he has a medical clinic in the village ,said in the morning of August 15th I was busy with checking a patient , and my little son (Salih) came and said that ISIS want to gather people in the village school, my brother Amin and I went, just like all other people of the village.

He continued ” not like every day there were Front end Loaders in the village and groups of ISIS ,a greater number of the other days, we gathered in the school old, young, men and women , and the first request of ISIS operatives was to collect the gold and money that the villagers had, that was done, and the village headman Ahmed Jasso, took the initiative by putting his ring.

He also said, “The school was two floors, women were on the second (upper) floor and men on the first (lower) floor, after the first request was made , The organization had another request, which was to change the faith.

“After they refused their request ,they provoked their anger ,and they knew what they would do when they refuse, and after they took everything from us except personal identities, they started taking men in groups without knowing anything about them”

And he reported that “each group consisted of 15 people and more and they were collecting every four or five groups, and taking them to places in the edges of the village, I was in the first group and it did not take long, five minutes passed and we got off the cars, and they shot all with bullets, I miraculously survived.

“the survivor “khechi Ammo” repeated the same Scenario in narrating a story of August 15- 2014”

The number of victims from Kojo village

According to the statistics published by the researcher “ Sareta Ashraph” she is a specialized lawyer in international criminal and humanitarian law, and she is the co-director of the Demographic Documentation Project of Yazidi Victims at the Middle East Centre ,that the village of Kojo had 1161 people in 15/8/2014, 579 Male victim, 582 Female victim, in addition to a number of others who left the village and were kidnapped by ISIS, in total ,the victims of the village were 1206 according to the Yazidi researcher Dawood Murad Khatati, they were largely men-striated, they gave 420 martyrs, 701 were survived from both genders after they were subjected to all kinds of torture ,and 85 person with unknown faith.

The terrorist organization ISIS committed a mass murder in the village of Kojo, according to the Yazidi researcher Dawood Murad Khatari, there are 15 mass graves in the village in addition to individual graves, as the following:

1. A cemetery in front of Dakhil Issa’s house .
2. A cemetery in front of Bashar Khishman’s house.
3. A cemetery in front of Aosef Matto’s house .
4. A cemetery in front of Taboor’s house.
5. A cemetery in front of Saeed Kalo’s house .
6. A cemetery at Sulaiman Aman’s farm/ East
7. A cemetery at Sulaiman Aman’s farm/ west
8. A cemetery at Atto’s Farm.
9. A cemetery at Kalo Ali Aman’s Farm
10. Three cemeteries front of the new house of Ahmad Jassou
11. A cemetery beside the corners of the preparatory school of studying Arabic
12. A cemetery at Aabas Qasim’s farm.
13. A cemetery near the village of Beski.
14. A cemetery in the valley of Murad basi.
15. a cemetery above a hill of the cemetery of children
16. There’s a grave inside the preparatory school garden which is believed that belongs to clan Sheikh, because he is the last one who remained in the school
17. In addition to another cemetery that the author did not mention in the tenth episode of Kojo massacre and mentioned it in another post

According to eyewitnesses there is a cemetery for women and children from Kojo village, , inside Solax Institute, east of Shingal district, according to people, the number of victims in this cemetery is (83) victims of Women and children who were buried alive without being killed.

It recalls that there are a number of other villagers who were killed by ISIS in different places of the village, including one in Lofat of Shingal, one person in Rabi’a , a number of others in Qeni massacre, and 17 people survived from Kojo massacre.

The numbers of remains excavated from the mass graves

16 of 17 graves had been opened, and the number of the remains extracted from Kojo graves with full body are 235, and a number of parts of remains bodies extracted from Kojo graves are 25 , according to the survivors of the last mass graves in Kojo, the number of victims in that cemetery is 43, Thus, the total number of full remains will be 278, in addition to 25 incomplete parts.

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