Constantly closing the gates of some IDP camps in Kurdistan region affect negatively workers in the absence of government planning

Ezidi24 – Hadi Ataalla

Some IDP camps in Kurdistan region/ northern Iraq were closed by the security authorities and as a consequence of that, they decided not to allow the displaced people to entry and exit out of the camps due to some confirmed cases of corona virus inside.

Several months ago before recorded cases of the virus, the authorities in Iraq and the Kurdistan region declared a curfew, and as a result the category of workers and those with daily wage were clearly affected, and this negatively affect the life of displaced people who work outside of the camps because a large proportion of the camp residents work in a different places in Zakho and Semel.

Ezat Ibrahim, a displaced person who lives in Chammishku camp in Zakho, spoke to ‘Ezidi 24’ and said “I have 6 young brothers and sisters and they cannot work since they are too young and I’m the only one who is responsible for their support”.

He added “ I used to go to Zakho so that I can work for a daily wage, but since they closed the gate of the camp so that I could no longer support them as I used to, and as we expected, according to what they told us that they would open the camp’s gate after 48 hours, but since then we haven’t left the camp nor they tell us what’s going on!”

“Kudida Murad” another displaced person in Bajid Kandala camp, spoke to “Ezidi 24” and said “that closing the gates of the camps has negatively affected life of many workers who work outside of the camp and work in order to support their families”.

He pointed out “ the government must take this issue into account and must have proper plans to help workers and poor people”.

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