A young Yazidi man fulfills the dream of his mother, kidnapped by ISIS

Ezidi 24 – Tahseen Alhaskany

Like many Yazidi families, Majid’s family also fell on the third of August 2014 in the hands of what is known as ISIS. From the family of Majid, he and his father escaped from falling into the hands of the extremist organization, and they fled to the Kurdistan region to live their darkest days in a tent in Sharia camp in Duhok governorate.

“Years after that tragic incident that made me lost and alone in the alleys and cities, I still remember my mother’s morning smile when she was preparing breakfast for me and I remember her prayers and her wishes for success and excellence when I went to school every morning,” Majid says to “Ezidi 24”

A few days ago, Majed graduated from the College of Pharmacy – Mosul University, after six years of difficult study and the suffering of moving between the universities of Duhok and Mosul, and fulfilled his dream and the dream of his mother and siblings kidnapped by ISIS and the dream of his father, who suffered with him from the pain of loneliness and waiting.

Majid continues his speech and says, “Years have passed and my father and I are still suffering from loneliness and longing, and our people suffer from injustice, hunger and humiliation in the hands of the terrorist organization (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq, and we can not do anything but wait.”

Today, Majid appeals to “the local government, the international community, human rights organizations and charitable people, and everyone who can help them to work seriously to free the kidnapped by ISIS and rid them of the suffering that has lasted for years and is still going on.”

It is worth noting that the number of Yazidi abductees and survivors is according to the statistics of the “Yazidi Abducted Rescue Office”, and from their approved sources are as follows:

The number of the kidnapped is 6417, including:
Females 3548
Males 2869

The number of survivors of ISIS terrorists are as follows:

Total: 3530 of them
Women: 1199
Men: 339
Female children: 1041
Male children: 951

Remaining number: 2887
Females: 1308
Males: 1579

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