A young Yazidi man celebrates his graduation from university with pictures of his loved ones

Ezidi24 – Tahseen Alhaskany

Excellence in difficult circumstances is not a new matter for Yazidi students. Despite the genocide, displacement and migration, we see thousands of Yazidis superiority in various fields, one of which is their superiority in the field of study, whether in schools or universities.

His start was from the “Siba Shekhdri” complex, the place where he was born and raised among his family and loved ones.

Basil Jerdo, a young Yazidi student, went through harsh conditions, and despite that, he did not surrender to them and remained adhering to his will and determination to successfully overcome these conditions.

On April 28, 2019, Basil was shocked by the death of his older brother – when he was in the third stage of the Department of Arabic Language / College of Arts / University of Mosul – which made it difficult for him to reach his goal and achieve his dream and the dream of his family.

“I was excel in the first and second stages as well, but the death of my brother caused me a great shock and the decline in my academic level, and with the passage of days and the rush of the train of life I could see my simple wish that was hanging in my mind and since I was a child in elementary school is lost from me, but my family did not stop a moment for my support and encouragement to continue my academic career and fulfil their dream,” Basil says in his interview with “Ezidi 24 “

He continues his speech and says, “The other thing that made me stronger to endure the circumstances and persevered and worked hard to achieve success was the advice of my teacher, “Khudida Chafo”, who was also a brother and mentor, and who has been missing since August 3, 2014 – the day of the Yazidi genocide on ISIS hands – “

Basil concludes his speech by saying, “Since life did not leave us any chance for me, my teacher and my older brother to celebrate together, so I decided today to celebrate my graduation from the Arabic Language Department – College of Arts / University of Mosul, with their pictures.”

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