A Yazidi activist Announced as New Obama Foundation European Leader

Ezidi 24 – Tahseen Alhaskany

Despite the genocide, murder, intimidation and the tragic conditions that befell the Yazidi community, however, his youth refuses to surrender and continues its march towards its quest to spread peace and positivity among local and international communities. We see leaders born from the womb of suffering in order to draw glory and build a prosperous future for the next generations.

Farhad Shamo Roto is an Iraqi refugee living in France and survivor of the 2014 genocide committed by the so-called Islamic state against the Ezidi community. Having been forced to flee his home and region, Farhad dedicated his life to the well-being of his fellow Ezidis and fought for the respect of their basic Human Rights. After arriving in France, he founded Voice of Ezidis in 2019, a non-profit organisation. Its mission is to undertake action focused on preventing and ending discrimination towards the Ezidi community. And aiming at supporting Ezidi refugees in Europe and helping the ones living in the IDP camps in the North of Iraq.

On Wednesday, September 2, he was selected in the Obama Foundation’s European Leaders Program.
It is reported that “Farhad has been working for the Yazidi cause for six years without tiring and boredom. He has participated in many charitable campaigns on a voluntary basis”, and is currently a graduate student in the field of diplomacy and international relations, as well as the president of the Voice Of Ezidis Foundation in France.

The Obama Foundation Leaders: Europe program is a six-month, virtual leadership development and civic engagement program that seeks to inspire, empower, and connect emerging leaders from across Europe.The Europe Leaders program identifies emerging leaders working in government, civil society, and the private sector who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the common good. It aims to build a growing network of innovative and ethical changemakers who seek to drive change in their communities while developing and supporting one another. Through a core set of shared values and leadership skills, the program seeks to lift up a new generation of civically active, positive role models who are prepared to create tangible solutions to the challenges in their communities, countries, Europe, and the world.

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