When the Yazidis will get their rights?

Farhad Barakat Ali

Since the Yazidis came into the land and they did not get their rights especially in their own country which is called Iraq. It is believed that right is taken not given, but despite that the Yazides have been trying to take their right from the government but it has not been happening for us.

The Yazidis are considered one of the most ancient religions in Mesopotamia. Since the history this poor minority got faced more than 74 genocides, and they were killed, kidnaped and faced human trafficking. Mir Jafar Al dasni, was a Yazidi and a leader who in 838 launched an uprising against Abbasid Caliph al-Mutasim in the area north of Mosul. After being defeated at Babagesh he resided in castles in Dasin Itakh defeated Mir Jafar’s troops in 841 and killed many Yazidis. In order to avoid being captured alive, Mir Jafar committed suicide by drinking poison. Why did he commit ? because he wasn’t given his right from the government at that time.

Even after the time of Sadam Al Hussain the fifth President of Iraq from 16 July 1979 until 9 April 2003 , the Yazidis were neglected by the government and all their lands were given to the Arabs in the region , Yazidis were living in many areas at that time including Shingal, Shexan, Bashiqa ,Bahzani, Sharia, Khanki ,Derabuni and many other areas, and replaced with Arabs from Mosul obligatory from the Yazidis. Many Yazidi villages were close to the mountains, and Sadam Al Husain in 1975 built the complexes for the Yazides far away from the mountains so that he could control on them, because when the Yazidis were living in the mountains he was not able to control on them, that’s why he used this way to take over on them.

Even in the time of Jalal Al Talabani was an Iraqi Kurdish politician who served as the sixth President of Iraq from 2006 to 2014, as well as the President of the Governing Council of Iraq.

He was the first non-Arab president of Iraq. the situation of Yazidi was better than before and somehow they got their comfort , but in 2007 4 bombed trucks were exploded in two of the biggest complexes in Sinjar and more than 1300 were killed and injured . And up till now the Yazidi martyrs have not been recognized as official martyrs with Government and still some of them are missing up to now.

Then Fuad Al Masom got the presidential chair in July of 2014 till October of 2018,that’s who in his time the Genocide of 74th by Islamic state (ISIS) was happened in Sinjar and no thing has done for the Yazides, despite migrating of hundreds of thousands of Yazidis to a broad, displacing of more than 550000 of Yazdi to Kurdistan ,killing and kidnapping more than 10000 and destroying more than 75% of Sinjar infrastructure .

Now which is a new time for the Yazides and it is in the time of Barham Salih who is the current President of Iraq. He is the former Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region and a former deputy prime minister of the Iraqi federal government. He was elected and assumed office as the President of Iraq on 2 October 2018. He seems that he takes care about the Yazides and welcomed the first Iraqi and Yazidi figure Nadia Murad who was awarded a Nobel Prize. And he mentions the Yazidi term many times of his press conference that he takes care of the Yazidi people and Sinjar city. But Yazidi want more to be done for them because the Yazidis were the biggest victim of ISIS in Iraq and still more than 2800 Yazidi girls and women are in captivity with ISIS ,also more than 250000 Yazidi are living in the camps in Kurdistan.

Right is taken not given.

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