“We are tired of this life,” one of the displaced said to PM Al-Kadhimi, in his turn, he held the man’s hands and gave him a promise

Ezidi 24 – Diab Ghanem
Translation – Tahseen Alhaskany

Within the framework of his visit to the Kurdistan region, today, Thursday September 10, 2020 Iraqi Prime Minister “Mustafa Al-Kadhimi” visited Qadia camp of IDPs, west of Zakho district, to review their conditions.

While inspecting the camp, Al-Kadhimi met with a number of the displaced, listened to their demands, and was informed of the camp and the life of the displaced in general.

The displaced young man, “Qasim Dakheel Koti,” who met Al-Kadhimi among the displaced, said, “A video of my conversation with His Excellency Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi has spread on social media, where we called for solutions to the Shingal’s cause and an end to the military, political and security disputes.”

He continued, “Al-Kadhimi responded to my speech and promised me that he would find appropriate solutions for Shingal’s cause and create a secure environment to restore life to it.

“I will visit Shingal myself and your dignity is my dignity,” Al-Kadhimi said.

The displaced, “Dakheel Ismail Hassan,” whose Al-Kadhimi visited his home in Qadia camp, said, “The visit of Al-Kadhimi was a surprise to us. The conversation took place between us and we explained to him what Shingal district was suffering from in the past and what it is suffering from now. We asked him to provide electricity and build Hospitals and other government departments in Shingal.”

“In turn, he responded and said that he will do everything possible to rebuild Shingal and restore life to it, and he will help IDPs to return to their areas,” He added.


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