Turkish platoons tend to empty Afrin and Ras-Al Ain from its Yazidis Resident

Ezidi24 – Adil Marwan
Translation – Hanan Shivan

The series of targeting Yazidis in the middle east regions hasn’t stopped, especially in the region of (east – west of Iraq and east – west of Syria) has been formed with the ugliest forms of violation with kidnapping, displacement, captivity and sale as slaves by Turks to different countries in addition to the crimes of tearing down the temples and forcing them to convert the Islamic religion by force, since more than two years Turkey and its platoons are practicing violations against Yazidis in Afrin and Ras Al-Ain manifested by demographic changes.

After the Yazidi villages in the two cities were completely emptied of their residents, the Turkish occupation are using its platoons to carry out violations against Kurds in general and the Yazidis. ”This is what the 35-year-old Syrian citizen (R.Kh.) referred to when he was captured in the town of Hor Kilis by the Turkish occupation and was released by prisoner exchange.

On May 29, The SOHR published an appeal directed by 20 Syrian human rights organizations to the United Nations, the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Special Investigation Committee for Syria, through which it called for an international intervention to prevent the violations of the pro-Turkish platoons in Afrin.

The signatory organizations demanded the necessity of “forming a committee for investigate and fact findings, especially with regard to the violations committed in Afrin and other areas under Turkey’s control on a daily basis, In order to document it and refer it to the competent international bodies to put an end to those crimes, and to punish those implicated in committing them.

This is in addition to the pressure on Turkey to carry out its duties and discharge its responsibilities as an occupying power in ensuring security and protection for civilians, and demands Ankara to end its military presence in Syrian regions and to go out of it with the armed platoons loyal to it, and demand security council to put those regions under international protection until a comprehensive political solution is found to the Syrian problem.

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