Corona virus prohibits thousands of Yazidi’s from celebrating the Jamahi festival

Ezidi 24 – Thiyab Ganim
Translation – Jwan Qasim

Today marks the first day of Jamahi festival that Yazidi’s celebrate for seven days in a row each year but this year the festival is different from prior years because there won’t be any spiritual celebrations held in Lalish temple for keeping visitors safe from the latest Corona virus .

Lalish temple (the holiest place for the Yazidi’s) used to witness thousands of Yazidi’s who performed spiritual and social ceremonies and celebrated the festival, but because of the Corona virus outbreak and to be protected from it, it was decided to not accept visitors this year.

Some weeks ago the higher spiritual Yazidi council decided that there won’t be any ceremonies held for the Jamahi festival for the safety of visitors and for following the safety guidelines held to lower Covid-19 outbreak .

And in his conversation about not being able to perform spiritual ceremonies for the festival Shamil Khudida said ” it’s a painful feeling to be away from Lalish in this festival as we are used to visiting Lalish on this festival , and we are in the need to visit and purify our mind and soul ,to be close to God and pray for the safety of our nation , we are going through a rough and critical time even if it was under such health obligations, but in the end the decision is up to those in charge”

And he continued ” they should have closed the temple doors in the face of visitors not cancelling spiritual ceremonies even if it was for a specific age category and later streaming it through media for the new generation to take advantage of it because they need the advice and information in any way possible.

He suggested “the temple should welcome a specific category in the upcoming festivals if the situation stays the same regarding the Corona virus outbreak”

Raad Khalaf said” the decision about cancelling spiritual ceremonies for the festival is a correct one and is the interest of everyone because Iraq is going through a health crisis and Corona cases are increasing constantly “

And he added “we should all follow the safety guidelines to keep our self and our loved ones healthy and safe , gatherings increase the covid_19 cases and we know thousands of our people gather in this festival”

It’s important to mention that Jamahi is one of the largest festival for the Yazidi’s , that marks beginning of October and lasts for seven days,thousands of Yazidi’s celebrate this festival.

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