Agreement to restore stability and normalize the situation in Sinjar district

Translation: Jwan Qasim – Khalid Qasim

Earlier this week an agreement was signed in the favor of Sinjar district and to take a step forward towards creating a better ,more secure and peaceful environment for the Yazidi’s in their hometown ,in order to restore security and stability, and to normalize the situation in Sinjar district. In correspondence with the Constitutional and legal principles, to mend the suffering of people in Sinjar and to organize the administrative framework and security in Sinjar district ,the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government signed an agreement in coordination with the United Nations Mission, to invest international support in building stability and the reconstructing the city .It stated the following points:

1.The administrative axis:
A.Selecting a new mayor for Sinjar district who is independent , professional and shows integrity and acceptance within the constitutional and legal mechanisms.

B.The other administrative positions must be considered by the joint committee formed from the two parties after selecting a person for the mayor of Sinjar position, taking into account the principles of professionalism, integrity and the social structure of the Sinjar district.

2. The security axis:

A- The local police, the National Security and Intelligence agencies are exclusively responsible for security inside the district, and all other armed formations are to be deported outside the boundaries of the Sinjar district.
B- Strengthening security in the Sinjar district by hiring (3550) new members of the internal security forces in Sinjar, while ensuring the fair participation of the displaced people in the camps from the people of the Sinjar district.
C- Ending the presence of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) organization from Sinjar district and surrounding areas. The PKK organization and its affiliates shouldn’t have any role in the region.
3. The axis of reconstruction:
Forming a joint committee from the Federal Government and Kurdistan Regional Government for the reconstruction of Sinjar district in coordination with the local administration in Ninewa Governorate. The responsibilities, level of tasks, and the details for this committee to be determined by the Prime Minister in the federal government and the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region.

4. For the purpose of following up on the above mentioned in the administrative and security axes, a joint field committee shall be formed from the concerned authorities of the two parties to follow up the implementation of what was stated in the agreement.

This step taken by both federal and regional government with the help of international community had many feedbacks from the Yazidi’s , some of them were optimistic and encouraged such agreements while others were negative and had mixed feelings about it.

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