A humanitarian organization opens a health care center in Tel Azaer Subdistrict

Ezidi 24 – laith hussein
Translation – Jwan Qasem

After the return of tens of Yazidi families from IDP camps in Kurdistan Region to Tel_Azaer Subdistrict, south of Sinjar mountain, and having a lack of services ,government institutions and especially a health care center, the Sons of Sinjar humanitarian organization opened a health care center to offer help with medical cases in the area .

Hamo Hagi Ahmad, the organisation’s administrator spoke to Ezidi 24 about it saying “the return of people to Tel Azaer and many other areas in Sinjar began but there is no one supporting or giving services and also the government is not taking the required actions for this case”

And he added “because of this notable absence we as -the sons of Sinjar humanitarian organisation- opened a simple health care center in the area to help the locals in the health aspect.”

He also clarified “we receive 30 patients on a daily basis and if a rare medical condition was found we send it to Mosul”

He assured “receiving an ambulance from Nineveh governate health department.”

It is reported that in the past four months more than 250 Yazidi families went back to Tel Azaer area south of Sinjar mountain, west of Nanivah governorate and they are calling out to concerned authorities to provide services to the area.

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