The British ambassador to Iraq: The world mustn’t forget the Yazidi people’s suffering

Ezidi 24 – shekhan

The British ambassador to Iraq Mr. Stephen Hickey visited the holly Lalish temple today ,friday 16/10/2020 meeting Yazidi religious men and to pay condolences to the death of Baba Shekh.

Mr.Hickey said (on his social media account on twitter) “Iraq has an unbelievably rich cultural heritage “.

He added “I was privileged to visit the assyrian Khanas city where I listened to Dr. Hassan Qasem about the assyrian civilization.”

And he pointed out “the United Kingdom will use the cultural heritage box to help protecting the rich Iraqi heritage.”

And he also said “I was privileged to visit Lalish temple and putting a floral wreath in the memory of his holiness Baba Shekh”.

Clarifying” the world must not forget the suffering of Yazidi people.”

And assuring that “United Kingdom is committed to offering help to IDPs and guarantee their safe return “

And about the Sinjar agreement between both governments in Baghdad and Erbil Hickey said ” the agreement allows the return of thousands of Yazidis, where it’s important for all armed factions to cooperate now and also help the government in returning services and financial ways for living”.

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