Resumption of the process of opening the Yazidi mass graves in Shingal

Ezidi24 – Shingal

In the presence of the Special Adviser and Head of the UNITAD Team “Karim Khan” and delegations from Baghdad, Kurdistan Region, the Yazidi Spiritual Council and the Iraqi National Team, the process of opening the mass graves in Shingal will resume.

With the opening of the mothers’ cemetery, which includes the remains of about 80 old Yazidi women, who are from the Yazidi village of Kojo, work has been done again to retrieve the remains of the Yazidis who were killed by ISIS.

It is noteworthy that the opening of the Yazidi mass graves began in mid-March in the village of Kojo, located in the south of Shingal district, which was destroyed by the terrorist organization ISIS.

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