Jelan laboratory, the first medical laboratory in Tel Azaer area six years after the genocide

Ezidi 24_ Laith Hussein
Translation _Jwan Qasem

Years passed on the displacement of Tel_Azaer area’s ( south of Sinjar mountain west of Ninevah province) people ,that were genocided alongside other Yazidi’s in Sinjar but gradually families return to the area, and according to official statistics more than 251 Yazidi families returned to the center of the area while more than 1000 other families returned to the villages and complexes surrounding it.

After the return of locals to Tel_Azaer there is no doubt they need all kinds of services in all aspects, so for that and in the purpose of providing services to the people of the area , an medical laboratory was opened in the name of martyred Jelan , by a Yazidi young man who is a Life Science graduate and Bachelors degree holder who has practiced in that field for many years in the center of Tel_Azaer area.

And the owner of the medical laboratory “Merza Darwish” spoke about that to Ezidi 24 saying “, after many struggles and constant transportation every day and after our return to the center of Tel_Azaer area and with the lack of general services in all fields specially in the medical and health care field , I decided to take advantage of my knowledge in the laboratory and analytical side , by opening an essential medical laboratory in the hope of providing something simple for our people, and this step came despite the hard living circumstances and absence of government and civil society organizations equally to support youth energy and use their skills and expertise “.

Adding, ” Jelan Laboratory ” as I named it ,is the first laboratory that opens in the area after return from displacement , and the naming refers to the martyred of humanity Jelan Barjas , who burned herself and didn’t allow ISIS members to touch her , and as a tribute to her memory and to stay as one the symbols of humanity and sacrifice “.

And he assured “the laboratory has almost all necessary examinations and that are accredited on international scales and with high quality equipment and will be in the service of the people of the area and everyone who visits “.

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