Tel Azaer area administrator: we have initial approval to open a court in the area

Ezidi24_laith Hussein
Translation_Jwan Qasem

After many appeals and efforts with the relevant and concerned authorities Tel_Azaer area’s governate obtained the approval to open an court in the center of the area.

And about that Tel_Azaer area’s administrator “Khudida hassan”spoke to Ezidi_24 agency saying ” after many phone calls between us and the concerned authorities and those in charge and after many appeals and with the help and support of some good people , by constant requests from us and considering the urgent need of a judge in Qahtani area to run the process of compensation and damage for our afflicted people ,and most of them can’t go to other cities for such processes because of road difficulties or bad financial situation and other reasons, we have the approval to open an court in Qahtani area in the upcoming days “.

And he assured ” this is an initial approval but in the coming days we will work as hard as we can to get the official approval and this step is good and important for the return of displaced people and it will help them “.

And this step coincide with the return of displaced Tel Azaer area’s people to their hometown, where 250 families returned to center of Tel_Azaer in the past 3 months.

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