Continuation to form voluntary teams to fight Corona virus in Shingal

Ezidi24_laith Hussein
Translation_Jwan Qasim

Today a group of health staff members and civil activists ,youth from center of Shingal area, southern side of the mountain met to form awareness raising guiding teams to fight Corona virus and to be part of “we are with you ” campaign.

And a member of the mentioned team “Naji Aloo” “spoke to Ezidi 24” saying “the meeting resulted in starting to cooperate with all young people from the center of the district and the southern side with the purpose of reaching to the community in general and providing the essential supplies to fight the virus “

And he clarified, “because of the virus not spreading substantially in the southern side areas of Sinjar mountain, so we created one team and there is no need to create a team for every complex and village in the area and this team is for every area in the southern side from Skinia to Tel_Qasab complex and we have contact with a person from each complex or village”.

Adding,” application are open for the youth to join the team, for the circle of the team’s work to expand and delivering aid to all the included areas”.

That and the team invited everyone who wants to donate and contribute in fighting the disease that started spreading in the area after many cases appeared.

And the following numbers are assigned for joining and donating as well :
Naji Aloo Ali :07507276675
Zaid Alshikh: 07503899003
Mohamed Burgashy :0751 8091511
Kamiran Kamal : 0750 82 6178
Saad Hamo :07508926941

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