Liberation of a Yazidi child from Turkey after six years of abduction

Ezidi 24_ Duhok
Translation_Jwan Qasem

With the presence of Minister of immigration, Ms. Evan Fayq Jabro and the head of parliamentarian immigration committee deputy Raad Al Dahalki , the ceremony of extradition of the Yazidi child “Barzan Ibrahim Khalaf Aamo Al Hamad ” to his uncle Mr. Omar Khalaf Aamo Al Hamad from the Iraqi lady Amal who was taking care of him , took place in the embassy building.

And the embassy expressed their continuous concern via the council Mr. Hassan Al Janabi and the consular section about the case of the Yazidi child’s return and coordinating with the specialised authorities in Iraq to make the child’s official paperwork and take him back to his family.

After six years of being kidnapped by ISIS terrorist group as a result of the attack on Shingal area northern west of Iraq ,the Yazidi child “Barzan Ibrahim Khalaf” was released from Turkey.

Barzan Ibrahim (8 years old) was kidnapped from the old Tel Qasab village south of Sinjar mountain with all of his six family members, 3 of them were liberated earlier alongside Barzan while his parents stay unaccounted for .
And in his talk with “Ezidi 24” “Munier Loqman ” ,his cousin said ” around a year and a half ago we knew he was in Turkey with a family from Telafar district that adopted him during his abduction period and after many attempts we reached out to him and after we finished legal procedures he was liberated “.
And he said ” we thank all authorities and people who helped us in his liberation and completing legal procedures and we wish the liberation of the remaining abducted Yazidi’s”.
Recalling that ISIS terrorist group abducted more than 6 thousand Yazidi’s from different gender and age groups and almost a thousand Yazidi’s are still unaccounted for .

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