Winter severity forms danger on Yazidi refugees

Ezidi24_laith Hussein
Translation_Jwan Qasem

Winter severity and the frost form danger on refugees life’s in the camps including Yazidi refugees in Kurdistan region’s camps in Dohuk province , that is why they are demanding that the needs for this season should be provided.

Yazidi’s refugees enter their 7th winter this year and yet most of them still live in IDP camps in Kurdistan region north of Iraq.

And about that the Yazidi refugee “Jalal Shingaly ” who lives in Darkar camp in Zakho district ,spoke to “Ezidi24” saying “in the last period rain proportion has risen noticeably in Kurdistan region and especially in mountainous areas “.

Adding “services are almost lacking in our camps and especially winter necessities like good blankets , heaters ,kerosene, carpets for rooms and other needs, and until now non of those needs are provided “.

He appealed through Ezidi24 to all concerned authorities to provide winter needs because as it’s expected that this season will be very cold and frosting.

And on her side “Manal Mohamed ” Displaced and Migration and crisis coordination administrator of Dohuk province, in an statement to “Ezidi24″ referred to it saying ” in coordination with all camp directors in the province, we prepared a full program for winter season, which includes all winter season needs to be provided for the refugees “.

And she assured “we presented this suggestion in one file for the joint center for crisis coordination in Erbil province and ministry of Migration and the Displaced in Iraq and we are waiting for an response”.

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