Forensic medicine announces the date for receiving bodies of Yazidi genocide victims in Sinjar

Translation_Jwan Qasem

Forensic medicine office in Baghdad announced that the examinations of 104 bodies of Yazidi genocide victims in Sinjar were matched, and the delivery process will be on 31/1/2020 in Ninevah province/ Sinjar district.

And they will be delivered to their families in an official burial ceremony with the presence of Shekhs and representatives from National Coordination Committe and office of forensic medicine/ ministry of Health and Mass Grave office / Martyr’s organisation in addition to a number of international organizations who contributed and supported the process of reaching out to the identity of those victims, including the international ISIS crimes investigation team (UNITAD) that belongs to the United Nations , and International Commission of Missing persons (ICMP) and other civil society organizations and the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal in the Kurdistan region.

And It is important to mention that ISIS supervised on the commitment of tens of Yazidi mass graves in Shingal in August 2014 and the mass graves in Kocho village were extracted some months ago and the bodies will be delivered to their families in early upcoming year.

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