International coalition : Solagh crater witnessed the exhumation of more than 90 victims

Translation_Jwan Qasem

UNITAD team and the Iraqi government continue the process of exhumating the bodies of victims from mass graves in Ninevah to collect more evidence against ISIS, which will allow them to present this terrorist group to justice.

And the international coalition announced that ” 18 mass graves all belonging to Kocho village locals were opened ” and it was revealed that ” the bodies of more than 90 persons from the victims of the Yazidi genocide were exhumed they were mostly females ”
And they pointed out that ” 30 bodies were exhumed from grave number 17 in Kocho village ”
And the international coalition revealed that “the number of mass graves in Sinjar district north west of Iraq is estimated to be 73 mass graves and it’s believed that more than 1000 Yazidis were buried in them by the hands of ISIS terrorist group “.
And the specialised teams consisting of UNITAD and the National Iraqi team continue searching for evidence and exhumating bodies of ISIS victims that were killed in different Iraqi provinces especially in Sinjar district.

Remembering that ISIS terrorist group committed crimes that were described by Yazidis and many specialists as war crime , by kidnapping more than 6 thousand Yazidi people and killing hundreds of innocent locals ,and the future of more than two thousand abducted Yazidis remain unknown.

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