Is Yazidism in Iraq facing decay?

Ezidi 24 – Karwan Ba’adri
Translation – Tahseen Alhaskany

“Everyone has a back on which to lean, except us, we do not have one. We were divided and distributed, leaving little left for this religion to collapse completely, as the identity of this people tends to erase.”

“Whenever I think about the future of the Yazidis, I remember the future and history of Judaism when they left Iraq and emigrated all of them, we will also gradually disappear and we will not stay in Iraq,” says Elias Hassan (59 years old), from Shingal, and now lives in the Essian camp.

Hassan was very disappointed and did not have even a glimmer of hope, he and his four children when they arrived at the Essian camp saved their lives only, he worked for years until he gathered some wealth, but overnight he lost it and became under ISIS control.

According to Hassan’s conviction, “As long as Yazidis live as a small religion among this extremist ideology, they will be subjected to genocide.”

“Not only because I have a conviction to emigrate, but I do not have the conviction and confidence to stay in Iraq as well. Before we get on our feet and get a little rest, we are subjected to genocide. Since 2003 we have been subjected to two genocide,” Hassan said to “Ezidi 24”.

After 2014, he lost confidence, and he sits next to his tent and talks about the suffering of displacement and says, “A religion that lives more than 300 thousand of its adherents in the camps and the city of Shingal has been destroyed, I do not expect anything good.”

Despite the existence of an agreement between the regional government and Baghdad to normalize the situation in Shingal, this did not push Hassan to return to his city and say, “Shingal is a city, where there are a hundred flags and forces, even if I return, what will I be optimistic about ?! All my hopes are buried in this city. ”

Danger numbers

The Yazidis are likely not to return to many reasons, including: the presence of political conflicts, many flags and forces, the absence of a security guarantee, the return of the Arabs who had a hand in killing and squandering the blood of the Yazidis, and the presence of sleeper cells, all of these reasons could impede the return of Yazidis to their original areas.

Now more than 300 thousand Yazidis are displaced in the camps of Duhok governorate and more than 100 thousand people have migrated, and more than 6 thousand were kidnapped by ISIS and 1,200 people were killed.

In addition, there are more than 80 Yazidi mass graves and more than 60 Yazidi shrines that have been blown up by ISIS.

Khalaf Badal (47 years) is another displaced from Shingal who lives in Ba’adra. “So far, 85% of Shingal is destroyed, the return also needs services, and we ask the Iraqi government, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the international community to come and save us from this tragedy.”

And “Khalaf” believes that the governments of the region and the federal are derelict of their duty in Shingal problem and says, “Shingal left the geography of Iraq, because no one cares about it.”

Hami Qirani, who returned to Tal azair sub-district some time ago, complains about the lack of services and says, “There are groups of forces and parties in Shingal, Shingal must be in the hands of the Shingal people, and no one interferes in its affairs.”

We are tired of displacement and tragedies, and we are no longer able to bear any migration, killing or kidnapping. We want to live simply and comfortably, so that we do not fall victim to any attack or wave of killing, ” Qirani concluded his speech to“ Ezidi 24”.

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