Promote the civic engagement and improve governance in post ISIS_Sinjar

Ezidi 24 – Sinjar

After completing a report on monitoring government performance in the Qahtaniyah sub-district, the Youth Bridge Organization did similar work, but on a larger scale, in the Qairawan sub-district and its suburbs, including the complexes of Talbanat and Talqasab, and a group of 16 neighboring villages, in the second half of October 2020, within the project (Enhancing civic participation and improving government performance in the post-ISIS phase in Sinjar) funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

The report included, in addition to the Qairawan sub-district center, and the complexes of Talbanat and Talqasab villages (Kojo, Hatmyah, old Talqasab, northern Ain Fathi, Ain Ghazal, Khilo, Kasr, Amash, al-azer, Bashok, southern Ain Fathi, northern Biski, southern Biski, Sharook).

The challenges facing Qairawan sub-district at the present time that the monitoring and documentation team found “in general”, are:

1- There is no budget allocated to these areas.
2- Administrative duplication in Sinjar by the federal government and the KRG
3- The extent of damage and destruction as a result of the ISIS war that inflicted the infrastructure.
4- Governmental neglect of these areas and failure to deal with them in accordance with the law and justice.
5- The absence of government programs and plans to achieve transitional justice in the region and redress the oppressed in it.
6- The complex geographical location of the region, which made it a target for regional and local ambitions.
7- Weak social cohesion and sectarian strife left by the terrorist organization ISIS.
8- Neglecting the electricity and sewage sectors and not rebuilding them.
9- The absence of hospitals and health care centers in these complexes.
10- Lack of educational institutions such as schools, institutes and kindergartens.
11- The lack of all service directorates in these areas such as electricity, agriculture, municipalities, water and sewage, sports, culture, parks … etc.

For more details, press the following link: TO PROMOTE THE CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AND IMPROVE GOVERNANCE

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