The International Yazidi Foundation Against Genocide and the Committee for the Defense of Followers of Religions and Ethnicity in an international statement to prevent genocide

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The International Yazidi Foundation Against Genocide and the Committee for the Defense of Followers of Religions and Ethnicity released an International Statement to the UN and institutions concerned with the prevention of genocide and the achievement of justice and the fairness of the victims on the International Day for the revival and honor of victims of genocide and preventing this crime (December 9). The statement read:

On December 9th of each year the world celebrates the International Day of Reviving and Honoring the Victims of Genocide Crimes, preventing recurrence, and standing up to their truth and reality, and as a moral, political, and humanitarian duty upon the whole of humanity, including governments, organizations, and individuals, to work hard to spread awareness of the need for justice and restitution for the victims through justice.

The followers of the religions and ethnicities in Iraq, including the Yazidis, the Syriac Christians, the Assyrians, the Kurds, the Kaka’is, the Shabaks, the Turkmen, the Mandaeans, and the Baha’is throughout history have been subjected to various types of genocide. The last one was on the 3rd of August 2014 when the terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) invaded the Yazidi areas in the Nineveh Plain and Sinjar, and they murdered men and elders, kidnapped and enslaved women and girls, and recruited children after forcibly changing their religion.

The victims of genocide in Iraq are suffering from what happened to them and their families, and despite the moral and material support provided by the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, and what the United Nations mission and international humanitarian organizations provided to the victims of the genocide, these victims are still waiting for serious interaction and real compensation for them and the provision of the necessary health and psychological care in order to recover from the effects of crime towards sustainable development.

On this day, we appeal to the world to support the victims of ISIS terrorism and to strive to return the missing women and children, and we call on everyone to work for humanity, achieve justice, spread the idea of equality, apply for effective citizenship equally to everyone, and work in a spirit of love, brotherhood, tolerance and social justice. Never stop the efforts of holding criminals accountable and prosecuting them under the laws of genocide.

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